Who’s Ready For New York?

Next month Indoor Heps will return to New York City for the first time in six years and — here at HepsTrack World Headquarters — we are beyond excited.

Here’s a snippet from the story in the Armory annual this year:

The Armory — the only off-campus venue for the Indoor Heps since 1951 — will be hosting the championship for just the fifth time in 2017, but the history stands much taller.

On the men’s side, the Armory oval has produced all three sub-47 400-meter dashes in Heps’ championship history. And the two fastest 800-meter runs, the swiftest 1k and the three quickest 4×400-meter relays.

For the women, who’ve competed only twice at 168th & Fort Washington, the oval has yielded two of the top three 200- and 400-meter dashes along with the top two 800-meter times in championship history, each performed by future Olympians. The fastest 4×4 and 4×8 times have also been run here.

But the blazing times aren’t the only reason that Heps in New York generates unmatched excitement for the coaches and athletes. New York is the global hub for Ivy League graduates, including those who donned the school colors to compete for a Heps’ title.

Many of them will be there, reconnecting with the program and imploring the future grads to run through the tape. In 2011, more than half of the programs rented space in the Armory for alumni functions during Heps. That happens no where else.

Here’s the schedule. Get ready.

Saturday, February 25

8 am Armory doors open
9:30 am Women’s weight throw final
9:30 am Women’s pentathlon 60-meter hurdles
10:10 am Women’s pentathlon high jump
10:30 am Women’s long jump final
10:30 am Women’s pole vault final
11:50 am Women’s 60-meter hurdles trials
Noon Women’s mile run trials
Noon Women’s pentathlon shot put
12:15 pm Women’s 60-meter dash trials
12:25 pm Men’s heptathlon 60-meter dash
12:30 pm Women’s 400-meter dash trials
12:45 pm Women’s 500-meter dash trials
1 pm Men’s weight throw final
1 pm Women’s 800-meter run trials
1:05 pm Men’s heptathlon long jump
1:15 pm Women’s 1,000-meter run trials
1:30 pm Women’s 3,000-meter run final (two sections)
1:30 pm Men’s pole vault final
1:45 pm Women’s pentathlon long jump
2 pm Women’s 200-meter dash trials
2:15 pm Men’s 60-meter hurdles trials
2:25 pm Men’s mile run trials
2:30 pm Men’s long jump final
2:40 pm Men’s 60-meter dash trials
2:45 pm Men’s heptathlon shot put
2:50 pm Men’s 400-meter dash trials
3 pm Women’s pentathlon 800-meter run
3:10 pm Men’s 500-meter dash trials
3:25 pm Men’s 800-meter run trials
3:40 pm Men’s 1,000-meter run trials
3:55 pm Men’s 3,000-meter run final (two sections)
4 pm Men’s heptathlon high jump
4:25 pm Men’s 200-meter dash trials

Sunday, February 26

9 am Armory doors open
10:50 am Men’s heptathlon 60-meter hurdles
11:00 am Women’s mile run final
11:10 am Men’s mile run final
11:20 am Women’s 60-meter hurdles final
11:30 am Men’s 60-meter hurdles final
11:30 am Women’s triple jump final
11:30 am Men’s triple jump final
11:30 am Women’s shot put final
11:40 am Women’s 400-meter dash final
11:50 am Men’s 400-meter dash final
Noon Women’s 500-meter dash final
Noon Men’s heptathlon pole vault
12:10 pm Men’s 500-meter dash final
12:20 pm Women’s 60-meter dash final
12:25 pm Men’s 60-meter dash final
12:30 pm Women’s 800-meter run final
12:40 pm Men’s 800-meter run final
12:50 pm Women’s 1,000-meter run final
1 pm Men’s 1,000-meter run final
1:10 pm Women’s 200-meter dash final
1:20 pm Men’s 200-meter dash final
1:30 pm Women’s 5,000-meter run final
1:50 pm Men’s 5,000-meter run final
2 pm Men’s shot put final
2 pm Women’s high jump final
2 pm Men’s high jump final
2:15 pm Women’s distance medley relay
2:30 pm Men’s distance medley relay
2:45 pm Women’s 4×800-meter relay
3 pm Men’s 4×800-meter relay
3:10 pm Men’s heptathlon 1,000-meter run
3:15 pm Women’s 4×400-meter relay
3:30 pm Men’s 4×400-meter relay
3:45 pm Awards ceremony

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