iHeps17 – Men’s & Women’s Relays

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I think I have written this before, but I hate writing previews for Heps’ relays. Don’t get that wrong, I love relays. This April will be the 28th time I will be working at the Penn Relays (and the 25th time since I last lived in Philadelphia). But there are so many reasons that writing a preview is futile. First, not every team has even given relays a strong effort because the events and schedules don’t make it possible. Second, by the time the relays roll around at Heps there are so many factors involved in determining a lineup. Stars can be exhausted. The team chase can already be determined. And sometimes you have no idea who came to compete and rise above their potential.

So the relays are great to watch. They can provide insight as to whom a coach will call upon in the future. They can even determine the team champion or final placing for a team. On the men’s side, Brown will challenge for a 4×4 title while Princeton and Columbia will spar in the 4×8. Penn will go after its third straight DMR crown. For the women, I’d bet the house on the Harvard women in the 4×4 and expect Yale to pull off at least one of the championships in the 4×8 or DMR. Other than that, sit back and enjoy. — Brett Hoover

4×400-meter relay

Men’s Final: Sunday, 3:30 pm

Heps Record
3:09.35 — Princeton, 2011 (Eddy, Hopkins, Dinkins, Hollimon)

Championship Record
3:12.83 — Princeton, 2011 (Hopkins, Kearney, Eddy, Hollimon)

2017 Top 10
3:13.50 — Brown (Zemis, Haensel, Emrich, Oyewole)
3:14.61 — Princeton (lineup unreported)
3:14.80 — Yale (Alexandre, Hill, Crusan, Campbell)
3:16.39 — Harvard (Heckendorn, Marshall, McLennan, Moore)
3:16.43 — Cornell (Cooper, J. Smith, M. Smith, Attah)

Women’s Final: Sunday, 3:15 pm

Heps Record
3:35.58A — Harvard, 2016 (Thomas, Franklin, Scott, Miller)

Championship Record
3:39.46 — Columbia, 2011 (Caldwell, Morlu, Ofoche, Hale)

2017 Top 10
3:39.50 — Harvard (Hughes, Thomas, Miller, Joiner)
3:45.07 — Columbia (Petersen, Wade, Sule, Obeng-Akrofi)
3:46.13 — Princeton (Baron, Steele, Willingham, Craver)
3:46.60 — Penn (McCorkle, Schneider, Ene, Brown-Soler)
3:49.33 — Cornell (Quigley, Radoslav, Garratt, Pearce)

4×800-meter relay

Men’s Final: Sunday, 3 pm

Heps Record
7:22.91 — Princeton, 2002 (Dean, Kauke, Smith, Whelton)

Championship Record
7:26.75 — Army, 1983 (Stewart, Mozina, Ochsner, C. Williams)

2017 Top 10
7:43.30 — Princeton (lineup unreported)
7:47.24 — Yale (Randon, Gmur, Ivankovic, Cox)
7:47.25 — Columbia (Caswell, Zabilski, Thomas, Haik)
7:47.91 — Dartmouth (Colby, Gregory, Cooney, Shafer)

Women’s Final: Sunday, 2:45 pm

Heps & Championship Record
8:43.16 — Princeton, 2011 (Feldman, Higgins, Smoot, Mikaelian)
Top converted time is 8:41.15 run by Princeton at 2013 Heps.

2017 Top 10
9:02.74 — Yale (lineup unreported)
9:05.46 — Princeton (lineup unreported)
9:12.46 — Columbia (Wasserman, Ferrigine, Digman, Tuttle)
9:12.67 — Dartmouth (Schlachtenhaufen, O’Neill, Vizza, Dekker)

Distance medley relay

Men’s Final: Sunday, 2:30 pm

Heps Record
9:27.74 — Princeton, 2013 (Williams, Hollimon, Dinkins, Callahan)

Championship Record
9:43.86 — Dartmouth, 1983 (Fadil, Young, Fenn, Sapienza)

2017 Top 10
9:43.22 — Penn (Tuck, Wiseman, Novak, Hatler)
9:46.77 — Columbia (Sauer, Sowah, Ritz, Napolitano)
10:08.51 — Princeton (Gaynor, Ingalls, Aririguzoh, Farmer)
10:09.12 — Yale (Lewis, Ascher, Stoner, Noonan)

Women’s Final: Sunday, 2:15 pm

Heps Record
11:00.62 — Dartmouth, 2012 (Pappas, Krumpoch, Supino, D’Agostino)

Championship Record
11:30.85 — Harvard, 2016 (Kouba, Modesett, Gallagher, Smith)

2017 Top 10
11:15.84 — Yale (Rizzo, Enes, Waligurski, Schmiede)
11:18.25 — Penn (Montgomery, Ene, Schnieder, Whiting)
11:22.28 — Columbia (Towell, Obeng-Akrofi, Wade, Rustami)
11:22.81 — Dartmouth (O’Neill, Gallup, Flynn, Schlachtenhaufen)

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