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There’s a lot to jam into this preview. So let’s jump in to the short sprints where recent champions in the 100- and 200-meter dashes have a lot of threats. Cornell sophomore Zach Menchaca (The Colony, Texas) won the outdoor 100 and was second in the 200 as a rookie in 2016, but he hasn’t been close to his bests of 10.41 and 20.96 yet this year. Princeton junior Carrington Akosa (Baltimore, Md.) has won three indoor titles, but has raced sparingly since Indoor Heps, where he didn’t run in the 200 final because of an injury.

So who will threaten them if they can’t recapture the form that made them champions? Let’s start with Yale freshman Vincent Vaughns (Sparr, Fla.), who has the best 100m time this season (10.55) and was a member of the Bulldogs’ record 4x100m relay team at Auburn two weeks ago. Also on that Yale relay was senior Marc-Andre Alexandre (Montreal, Que.), who has won several Heps titles in the 400, but has been running swift shorter races this year. He did run the only sub-21 200 this spring, but it was wind-assisted. With Vaughns and fellow Yale rookie Kyle Macauley (Los Gatos, Calif.) focusing on the 100, expect Alexandre to try a 200/400 double, if possible.

Among the others to watch in the 100 and 200? Princeton sophomore Charlie Volker (Fair Haven, N.J.), a footballer whose explosive speed made him the indoor 60 champ in 2016, Cornell sophomore Jonathan Avery (Durham, N.C.), Penn sophomore Calvary Rogers (Rochester, N.Y.), who ran alone to win the indoor 200, Brown rookie Noah Korotzer (Palos Verdes, Calif.) and Cornell junior Brailin Paulino (Fresno, Calif.).

So who does that leave to battle Alexandre in the one-lap event? There are four veterans whose season-best are separated by four-hundredths of a second. Harvard senior James Heckendorn (Eagle, Idaho) leads the way with a 47.98 followed ever so closely by Princeton senior Ray Mennin (Bethlehem, Conn.), Cornell senior Tobe Attah (Irving, Texas) and Princeton junior Josh Freeman (Chesapeake, Va.). Yet another contender is Brown junior Tosin Oyewole (Elkridge, Md.), who had a Heps’ season-best 47.47 during the winter season. This could be a very fast and competitive final. — Brett Hoover (with help from RoJo, who will be announcing on the ILDN webcast on Sunday.)

100m dash

Trials: Saturday, 3:45 pm
Final: Sunday, 1:50 pm

Heps Record
10.30 — Trent Cuthbert (Army, 1981)

Championship Record
10.36, Doug Harris (Penn, 1984)
10.36, Chris Lambert (Harvard, 2002)

2017 Top 10
10.55 — Vincent Vaughns (Yale)
10.58 — Marc-Andre Alexandre (Yale)
10.73 — Zach Menchaca (Cornell)
10.75 — Charlie Volker (Princeton)
10.79 — Brailin Paulino (Cornell)
10.79 — Jonathan Avery (Cornell)
10.79 — Alex Beck (Cornell)
10.83 — Tosin Oyewole (Brown)
10.84 — Kyle Macauley (Yale)
10.84 — Noah Korotzer (Brown)

200m dash

Trials: Saturday, 4:25 pm
Final: Sunday, 2:40 pm

Heps Record
20.34, Chris Lambert (Harvard, 2003)

Championship Record
20.72, Steve Morgan (Princeton, 1987)

2017 Top 10
21.18 — Calvary Rogers (Penn)
21.39 — Zach Menchaca (Cornell)
21.57 — Carrington Akosa (Princeton)
21.58 — Vincent Vaughns (Yale)
21.59 — Jonathan Avery (Cornell)
21.68 — Alexander McIntyre (Yale)
21.72 — James Heckendorn (Harvard)
21.82 — Andy Snyder (Cornell)
21.85 — Charlie Volker (Princeton)
21.87 — Adam Couitt (Dartmouth)

400m dash

Trials: Saturday, 3:35 pm
Final: Sunday, 1:35 pm

Heps Record
45.40, Erison Hurtault (Columbia, 2007)
45.34+, Wendell Mottley (Yale, 1964)

Championship Record
46.11, Michael Greene (Navy, 1987)

2017 Top 10
47.98 — James Heckendorn (Harvard)
48.00 — Ray Mennin (Princeton)
48.01 — Tobe Attah (Cornell)
48.02 — Joshua Freeman (Princeton)
48.11 — Myles Marshall (Harvard)
48.24 — Zachery Emrich (Brown)
48.49 — Tosin Oyewole (Brown)
48.67 — Matthew Hurst (Harvard)
48.68 — Alexander McIntyre (Yale)
48.89 — Amos Cariati (Dartmouth)

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