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Here’s how the conservation went. Brett: “I’ll write the relays.” Mary: “Just cut-and-paste what you wrote for indoor (where I attacked the notion of previewing relays).” Brett: “Actually, I am pretty psyched about writing this one.”

Why such a change of heart in less than three months? Because there are some great story lines almost everywhere. Let’s start with the men. Yale, yes Yale, is the clear favorite in the 4×100, an event that the Bulldogs haven’t won in a decade. The Bulldogs, led by senior Marc-Andre Alexandre (Montreal, Que.) and rookie Vincent Vaughns (Sparr, Fla.), posted a school-record 40.27 at the War Eagle Invitational in Alabama two weeks ago. Who’s ready to run with the ‘Dogs?

In the men’s 4×4, Harvard has the top time at 3:12.13 followed by Yale. In an event historically dominated by League favorites Princeton and Cornell, Harvard has not won since Nixon was in the White House (1970). We’d expect to see half-miler Myles Marshall (Kingwood, Texas) help to try to end that drought. Meanwhile, Columbia, which turned in a 7:24 in the 4×8 at Penn last week, will be looking for its sixth win in the eight years that event has been held at Heps.

On the women’s side, the 4×1 will be wild. Harvard has run several sub-45s in the last year and with sophomore sensation Gabby Thomas (Florence, Mass.), the Crimson is the favorite. But Penn has been consistently in the low 45s and junior Taylor McCorkle (Pittsburgh, Pa.) heads a young squad ready to shock the Heps Nation. And Cornell has been fast this year as well.

The League has so much depth in the women’s 400, we are expecting an amazing 4×4 led by Harvard and senior star Jade Miller (Temecula, Calif.) and Penn with sophomore Imani Solan (Montebello, N.Y.). Princeton, Cornell and Columbia could all run in the 3:40 range, a few seconds behind the Crimson and the Quakers. Until 2009 only one team had ever run sub-3:40 at Heps. This year there could be several.

Finally, if that isn’t enough, Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth and Princeton could all make a spirited run at the women’s championship 4×8 record of 8:38.05 set by the Tigers five years ago. Of course, everyone will be tired, but that’s when special things can happen.

So there, Mary, that was fun. — Brett Hoover

Men’s 4x100m relay

Final: Sunday, 12:30 pm

Heps Record
39.59 — Penn, 1975 (Gansle, James, Seitz, Grannum)

Championship Record
40.19 — Cornell, 2013 (Hynes, Adarquah-Yiadon, Hortelano-Roig, Ojukwu)

2017 Top Marks
40.27 — Yale (Macauley, Vaughns, Alexandre, McIntyre)
41.06 — Cornell (Norris, Avery, Paulino, Menchaca)
41.41 — Princeton (Volker, Billington, Colangelo, McGrath)
41.60 — Brown (Korotzer, Oyewole, Zemis, Green)
41.74 — Penn (David, Mayberry, Oden, Whiteneck)
42.09 — Harvard (Uwaifo, Moore, Hebert, Hurst)

Men’s 4x400m relay

Final: Sunday, 4 pm

Heps Record
3:05.86 — Princeton, 2011 (Hopkins, Dinkins, Eddy, Hollimon)

Championship Record
3:10.37 — Penn, 2002 (Abram, Kolade, Burley, Edmonds)

2017 Top Marks
3:12.13 — Harvard (Marshall, Heckendorn, Hurst, Moore)
3:13.67 — Yale (McIntyre, Alexandre, Hill, Macauley)
3:14.26 — Cornell (Snyder, Attah, Smith, Comer)
3:16.16 — Princeton (Johnson, Matthews, Zupko, O’Connor)
3:16.37 — Brown (Oyewole, Munson, McKie, Emrich)

Men’s 4x800m relay

Final: Sunday, 3:40 pm

Heps & Championship Record
7:20.53 — Columbia, 2012 (Feigen, Fish, Merber, McFann)

2017 Top Marks
7:24.52 — Columbia (Langstaff, Hall, Sauer, Napolitano)
7:25.77 — Penn (Novak, Wiseman, Graca, Mangini)
7:26.18 — Princeton (Ingalls, Aririguzoh, Paulson, Kauppila)
7:29.58 — Cornell (Clarke, Tedder, Smith, Gowans)
7:30.31 — Dartmouth (Colby, Gomez, Raymond, Gregory)

Women’s 4x100m relay

Final: Sunday, 12:20 pm

Heps Record
44.29 — Harvard, 2016 (Musa, Miller, Franklin, Thomas)

Championship Record
44.85 — Harvard, 2016 (Musa, Thomas, Franklin, Miller)

2017 Top Marks
44.87 — Harvard (Musa, Thomas, Joiner, Miller)
45.21 — Penn (Biney, McCorkle, Ene, Brown-Soler)
45.72 — Cornell (Quigley, Jones, Stenekes, Shepard)
47.05 — Brown (Lewis, Stern, Kerr, Holt)
47.11 — Princeton (Walter, Steele, Baron, Willingham)

Women’s 4x400m relay

Final: Sunday, 3:55 pm

Heps Record
3:29.98 — Harvard, 2016 (Thomas, Franklin, Scott, Miller)

Championship Record
3:34.78 — Cornell, 2015 (Woodford, Kolliesuah, Radoslav, Akpaete)

2017 Top Marks
3:37.73 — Harvard (Hughes, Thomas, Joiner, Miller)
3:37.94 — Penn (Ene, Solan, Schneider, Brown-Soler)
3:44.31 — Cornell (Quigley, Radoslav, Garratt, Pearce)
3:45.30 — Princeton (Baron, Willingham, Craver, Steele)
3:46.53 — Columbia (Peterson, Obeng-Akrofi, Wade, Sule)

Women’s 4x800m relay

Final: Sunday, 3:25 pm

Heps Record
8:27.26 — Princeton, 2013 (O’Neil, Feldman, Barowski, Mikaelian)

Championship Record
8:38.05 — Princeton, 2012 (O’Neil, Mikaelian, Higgins, Feldman)

2017 Top Marks
8:33.39 — Penn (Villabla, Schnieder, Wurth, Akins)
8:49.00 — Princeton (Sims, Jurew, Sumner, Berardo)
8:56.30 — Columbia (Sup, Murray, Towell, Alonzo)
9:04.00 — Yale (Lower, Lord, Raphael, Rinne)

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