oHeps17 — What’s Gonna Happen?

So when the entries came in last night, Mary and I dug in. We went about projecting the event-by-event results. Then we tallied the points and averaged our results. Here is what we came up with:

1. Penn, 162
2. Harvard, 145
3. Princeton, 94 1/2
4. Columbia, 89 1/2
5. Cornell, 78
6. Brown, 47
7. Dartmouth, 44
8. Yale, 23

1. Princeton, 148 1/2
2. Cornell, 122
3. Penn, 110 1/2
4. Harvard, 81
5. Dartmouth, 79 1/2
6. Yale, 63
7. Columbia, 43 1/2
8. Brown, 39

If we are right (and you know we probably are), Princeton’s men will be capturing their record 18th team title and their fifth in the last seven years. The Penn women would grab just their fourth team trophy and the first since any of today’s athletes were born (1988).

If you cannot make it to New Haven to see Heps live, you can watch through a subscription to the Ivy League Digital Network. Bill Spaulding and Alex Vispoli will be on the call Saturday with Robert Johnson joining the broadcast on Sunday.

Those interested in results as they happen will have the best user experience in conference history. Don’t believe me? Then check out the results page, which is available here and looks great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

If you are coming to Dewitt-Cuyler Track for the Championship, here are some things to know:

A two-day pass is $16 for adults and a single-day ticket is $10. Students with valid IDs and children under 12 will be admitted for half price. The official Heps’ program will be available for $3 and daily heat sheets will cost $1.

Parking in Lot A (see map) will cost $10 and it should be noted that Yale will be playing Brown in the Ivy League Lacrosse Championship in the vicinity on Sunday, thus plan for some additional traffic. Those who have been to Heps at Yale should know that Lot A parking is a different location than before.

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