Prepping For The Kentucky Derby…

UPDATE: The official lists of entrants are out. For the men, please click here. For the women’s, please click here. More than 130 Ivy entrants in all.

The road to the NCAA Track & Field Championships, for athletes in the Eastern half of the U.S., run through Lexington, Ky., in a few weeks.

No one can form chart and speculate quite like Mary Boggs and below are her expectations for the NCAA East Preliminaries from May 25 to 27 at the UK Outdoor Track & Field Complex at the University of Kentucky.

Those with a strike through their name are qualified entries who Mary thinks will not declare for that event. Those in italics are those on the bubble, but could qualify because of scratches. For a full schedule of events at East Preliminaries, please click here.


100m dash — Gabrielle Thomas (Harvard), Ngozi Musa (Harvard), Taylor McCorkle (Penn)
200m dash — Gabrielle Thomas (Harvard), Akua Obeng-Akrofi (Columbia), Adrian Jones (Cornell)
400m dash — Akua Obeng-Akrofi (Columbia)
800m run — Brittney Wade (Columbia), Sarah Hardie (Columbia), Jackie Berardo (Princeton), Anna Jurew (Princeton)
1,500m run — Frances Schmiede (Yale), Ashley Montgomery (Penn), Helen Schlatchenhaufen (Dartmouth), Kaitlin Hanss (Princeton), Elizabeth Bird (Princeton), Shannon Hugard (Cornell)
5k run — Henna Rustami (Columbia), Natalie Tanner (Columbia), Ashley Montgomery (Penn), Clarissa Whiting (Penn), Nell Crosby (Columbia), Judy Pendergast (Harvard)
10k run — Natalie Tanner (Columbia), Cleo Whiting (Penn), Abigail McLaughlin (Columbia)
100m hurdles — Cha’Mia Rothwell (Dartmouth)
400m hurdles — Jade Miller (Harvard), Taysia Radoslav (Cornell)
Steeplechase — Meredith Rizzo (Yale), Elizabeth Bird (Princeton), Briar Brumley (Cornell), Nell Crosby (Columbia), Lisa Tertsch (Harvard), Erin Melly (Cornell)
4x100m relay — Harvard (Musa, Thomas, Joiner, Miller); Cornell (Quigley, Jones, Stenekes, Shepard)
4x400m relay — Harvard (Hughes, Thomas, Joiner, Miller); Penn (Ene, Solan, Schneider, Brown-Soler)
High jump — Carly Paul (Brown), Shanelle DeJournett (Brown), Anna Peyton Malizia (Penn), Raegan Nizdil (Harvard)
Pole vault — Allison Harris (Princeton), Molly Minnig (Penn), Nicole Macco (Penn), Julia Valenti (Dartmouth); Claire Kao (Cornell)
Long jumpGabrielle Thomas (Harvard), Simi Fajemisin (Harvard)
Triple jump — Simi Fajemisin (Harvard), Anna Williams (Columbia)
Shot put — Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard)
Discus throw — Josie Natrasevschi (Brown), Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard), Maura Kimmel (Penn)
Hammer throw — Julia Ratcliffe (Princeton)
Javelin throw — Moriah Morton (Dartmouth), Lisa Sesink-Clee (Penn)


200m dash — Calvary Rogers (Penn)
400m dash — Marc-Andre Alexandre (Yale), Joshua Freeman (Princeton)
800m run — Myles Marshall (Harvard), Chris Hatler (Penn), Alek Sauer (Columbia), Josh Ingalls (Princeton), Zach Emrich (Brown)
1,500m run — William Paulson (Princeton), James Randon (Yale), Chris Hatler (Penn), James Gowans (Cornell), Rob Napolitano (Columbia), Trevor Reinhart (Yale), Noah Kaupplia (Princeton)
5k run — Ryan Thomas (Columbia), David Taylor (Cornell), Mark Tedder (Cornell)
10k run — Kevin Monogue (Penn), Brendan Shearn (Penn), William Bertrand (Princeton)
110m hurdles — Joey Daniels (Princeton), Paedyn Gomes (Yale), Jay Hebert (Harvard)
400m hurdles — Greg Leeper (Princeton)
Steeplechase — Nick Tuck (Penn), Will Battershill (Harvard), Michael Wang (Cornell), Keenan Piper (Columbia), Colin Daly (Penn), William Daly (Penn)
High jump — Myles Lazarou (Cornell), Xavier Bledsoe (Princeton), Michael Monroe (Penn)
Pole vault — August Kiles (Princeton), Sean Clarke (Penn), Grant Sisserson (Cornell), Austin Laut (Yale), Robert O’Brien (Columbia), Ben Gaylord (Princeton), Max Cosculluela (Dartmouth)
Long jump — Efe Uwaifo (Harvard), Corey Muggler (Dartmouth)
Triple jump — Efe Uwaifo (Harvard), Bobby Plummer (Cornell), Jason Katz (Brown), Stefan Amokwandoh (Princeton), Daniel Igbokwe (Columbia), John Enkler (Cornell), Justin Donawa (Dartmouth), Corey Muggler (Dartmouth)
Shot put — Mitchel Charles (Princeton), Chris Cook (Princeton)
Discus throw — Noah Kennedy-White (Penn), Julian Nunally (Harvard), Jared Bell (Princeton)
Hammer throw — Rudy Winkler (Cornell), Adam Kelly (Princeton), Owen Russell (Brown), Sean Ryan (Penn), Colin Minor (Dartmouth), Tim Brennan (Dartmouth)
Javelin throw — Brett Henderson (Harvard), Mark Buda (Brown), Sam Kaplan (Penn), Cole Andrus (Dartmouth)

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