One Last Look at HepsXC 2017

Ok, I know I published a Regionals preview the other day, but let’s look back at HepsXC one more time…

We’ve added the final results onto our website and updated the HepsTrack Cross Country record books.  Feel free to check them out on the sidebar links, if you’re interested how the 2017 races compared to previous championship races.

A number of photo galleries are available online for viewing and purchasing (if you know of any more, contact us and we’ll add them to the list):

But some of our favorite photos came from social media.  Check out a few of them below:

Columbia’s Ryan Thomas making the winning shot – shared by Columbia TF/XC Twitter

Princeton’s Megan Curham had the early lead when the women’s race entered the woods – shared by Penn Track&Field/XC twitter

Columbia’s Nell Crosby celebrating her new bling – shared by Columbia TF/XC Twitter

Twin racing in the woods – shared by Penn Track&Field/XC Twitter

The men’s pack as it just enters the woods – shared by

And perhaps our favorite image so far…

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