Bringing Back the Power to St. Croix

One of the biggest questions that many people ask about religion or fate is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Many people have their own answers for that.  To me, I feel that sometimes the bad things happen in order to show the rest of the world how good people can be.

Ever since Hurricane Maria bombarded the Caribbean islands, I’ve seen Cornell’s Head Coach Adrian Durant actively using his personal social media accounts to get help in returning power to his childhood home of St. Croix.  Durant has represented U.S. Virgin Islands in international athletes multiple times in his lifetime, most recently as the head coach of their athletics program in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Durant has partnered with Cornell University, the United Way of Tompkins County, and the St Croix Foundation to set up a fundraising challenge to Big Red student-athletes and alumni in order to finance as many generators as they can to bring to the islands.

Well, people responded.  Two days ago, Coach Durant returned to St Croix to deliver 20 generators with the following message:

Just in time for the holidays as well.

The Caribbean islands are still a ways away from getting back to normalcy, so if you’re looking for other areas to give this holiday season, please consider contributing towards rebuilding the islands.  There are many efforts currently underway, so take your pick. Coach Durant is still looking to get more generators down to the islands, so feel free to contribute to the original fundraising link shown above.

Thank you for being a good man, Coach Durant.

photo from Cornelltfxc instagram

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