Heps NCAA XC Challenge

John Nepolitan Photo

We will quit taking entries on Friday at 11:59 pm. We are playing for acclaim only. I don’t have time to go through any NCAA rules or other legal wrangling about prizes, etc.

Available are the individuals from the four teams — Columbia & Princeton men; Cornell & Harvard women — as well as individual qualifiers both present and past.

That means for the men, in addition to the Lions and Tigers, there are Harvard’s Maksim Korolev and James Leakos; Virginia’s Mark Amirault (Princeton); Indiana’s Adam Behnke (Columbia); Michigan’s Dan Lowry (Brown); and Texas’ Kyle Merber (Columbia) and Trevor Van Ackeren (Princeton).

The women’s individuals, along with the Big Red and the Crimson, are Dartmouth’s Abbey D’Agostino; Brown’s Margaret Connelly; Princeton’s Greta Feldman and Oregon’s Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth).

Accepted entries are those with a real name and email address and understandable selections (real names, not nicknames). The scores will be determine by the lowest point total of the five selections with the tiebreaker determined by the order of selection.