Men’s All-Time Indoor Relay Marks

These records were compiled using all available public data. Some schools do not list indoor records or their websites and others do not differentiate indoor from outdoor marks. This is simply a list of the top performers and, in that regard, it is different from the Heps Championship list, which can include more than a single performance from a team. School relays are only listed once in the top 10 listings if more than three members of the relay are on a faster listed time. This list does not include any marks derived from flat-to-banked track conversions.

Last updated: 3/5/20

Men’s All-Time Track Marks | Men’s All-Time Field Marks


3:09.35 Princeton 2011 Eddy, Hopkins, Dinkins, Hollimon
3:10.14 (OS) Cornell 2014 Gibson, Hairston, Cho, Hortelano-Roig
3:10.19 Cornell 2008 Van Eeden, Kippins, Merrill, Seabrook
3:10.84 Harvard 2017 Heckerdorn, Marshall, Hurst, Moore
3:10.95 Brown 2016 Kelly, Emrich, Zemis, Oyewole
3:10.96 Yale 2016 Alexandre, Hill, McIntyre, Campbell
3:11.01 Cornell 2003 Nanaszko, Goggins, Kiselycznyk, Eremita
3:11.69 Princeton 2005 Shields, Saltzman, Stewart, Kopp
3:11.82 Yale 2005 Alexander, Taylor, Giles, deLaski
3:11.93 Harvard 2019 Agyare-May, Williamson, Marshall, Wassell


7:22.91 Princeton 2002 Dean, Kauke, Smith, Whelton
7:24.04c Harvard 1968 Burns, Shaw, Baker, McElvey
7:24.08 Cornell 2012 Bice, Jakobson, Schilkowsky, Admirand
7:24.60 Princeton 1975 Norelli, Aneser, Hedrick, Masback
7:25.07 Princeton 2015 Brahm, Kauppila, O’Toole, Paternostro
7:25.47 Columbia 2012 Fish, McFall, Tansey, Claflin
7:26.74 Cornell 2005 Mongeon, Smayda, Wyner, Hall
7:26.75 Army 1983 Stewart, Mozina, Oschner, Williams
7:26.79 Brown 1993 Johnson, Fatuga, Liona, Mays
7:26.91 Princeton 1983 Fonss, Sullivan, Bettum, Voit


9:27.74 (OS) Princeton 2013 Williams, Hollimon, Dinkins, Callahan
9:30.72 (OS) Columbia 2014 Gregorek, McFann, Fish, Everett
9:31.95 (OS) Princeton 2012 Van Ackeren, Hopkins, Williams, Callahan
9:33.53 (OS) Brown 2013 Willig, Spooney, Tufnell, Cooper
9:34.54 (OS) Columbia 2015 Fish, Boyd, Claflin, Napolitano
9:34.72 (OS) Columbia 2019 Sauer, Storey, Langstaff, Ritz
9:35.02 (OS) Princeton 2011 Van Ackeren, Eddy, Dinkins, Amirault
9:35.02 Columbia 2015 Fish, Hammond, Claflin, Haik
9:35.02 (OS) Princeton 2018 O’Toole, Freeman, Kauppila, Paulson
9:35.13 (OS) Cornell 2009 Kimple, Huber, Levy, Miller

(OS) – time attained on oversized track (longer than 200-meters per lap)